Archive of Past Seminars

2017-2018 Seminar Series

Aug 29: Johnny Greco (Princeton) - "Illuminating Low-Surface-Brightness Galaxies with the Hyper Suprime-Cam Survey"

Sep 12: Bram Ochsendorf (Johns Hopkins University) -  "What drives the formation of massive stars and clusters?" 

Sep 19: Francesco Capozzi (OSU) - "New opportunities in solar neutrinos" and Heidi Wu (OSU) - "Sample variance in the local measurements of the Hubble constant" 

Sep 21:  Ali Kheirandish (WIPAC) - "Multimessenger astronomy and the origin of IceCube cosmic neutrinos" 

Sep 26: Chris Kochanek (OSU) - "The All-Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae" 

Oct 3: Teresita Suarez Noguez (UCL) - "Quasar beaming: effects on the large-scale Lyman alpha forest"

Oct 10: Ben Monreal (Case Western) - "Project 8 and the search for the absolute neutrino mass" 

Oct 17: Kyle Dawson (Utah) - "Cosmology from Spectroscopic Surveys: eBOSS and Beyond"

Oct 24: Yao-Yuan Mao (Pittsburgh) - "Mass' not the only thing: Secondary effects in the galaxy-halo connection" 

Oct 31: Ben Margalit (Columbia) - "White Dwarf – Neutron Star Mergers: from Peculiar Supernovae to Pulsar Planets" 

Nov 7: Yashar Hezaveh (Stanford) - "The future of mapping dark matter structures with strong gravitational lensing, new surveys, and machine learning" 

Nov 14: Danielle Leonard (CMU) - "Measuring the scale-dependence of intrinsic alignments using multiple shear estimates" 

Nov 28: Brian Metzger (Columbia) - "Kilonova Emission from a Binary Neutron Star Merger" and Ken Shen (UC Berkeley) - "A Paradigm Shift for Type Ia Supernova Progenitors"

Dec 12: Zhongxu Zhai (NYU) - "Galaxy clustering and cosmological constraints" 

Jan 11: Andrina Nicola (ETH Zurich) - "Integrated approach to cosmology" 

Jan 16: Steven Prohira (Kansas) - "Radio interactions with particle-shower-plasmas: implications for high-energy neutrino detection"

Jan 23: Semyeong Oh (Princeton) - "Comoving stars in Gaia DR1"

Jan 25: Lluis MasRibas (UiO) - "Extended Emission Halos as a Probe of Galaxy and Reionization Physics" 

Feb 6: Parker Fagrelius (UC Berkeley) - "Addressing Challenges for the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI)" 

Feb 13: Yacine Ali-Haimoud (NYU) - "Primordial black holes in the era of Planck and LIGO" and Rachel Mandelbaum (Carnegie Mellon) - "Cosmology with the Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) survey" 

Feb 27: John Beacom (OSU) - "Solar Neutrinos: Is There a Future?” 

Mar 2: Yusuke Koshio (Okayama University, Japan) - "Supernova neutrino observation - current status and future prospect" 

Mar 20: Sean Couch (MSU) - "Understanding Massive Stellar Death: Predictive Simulation of Core-collapse Supernovae"

Mar 27: Ofer Cohen (UMass Lowell) - "The Sun - Our Mysterious Neighbor" 

April 2: Daniel Castro (CfA, Harvard) - "Particle Acceleration in the Remnants of Supernova Explosions" 

April 10: Matt Povich (Cal Poly Pomona) - "Calibrating Star Formation Rates in the Milky Way's Biggest, Baddest Young Star-Forming Regions" 

April 13: Marcelle Soares-Santos (Brandeis) - "DESGW: Discovering the Optical Counterparts of Gravitational Wave Emitting Neutron Star Mergers with DECam" 

April 24: Antonio Boveia (OSU) - "Is there Dark Matter at the LHC?" 

May 1: Sheila Kannappan (UNC) - "ulti-Scale Galaxy Physics: From Gas and Star Formation to Cosmic Structure" 

May 22:  Vasiliy Demchenko (Edinburgh) - "The Vast, Expanding Emptiness of the Cosmic Web" and Brian Clark (OSU) - "Askaryan Radio Array: Detector Status and Prospects for Using Directional Reconstruction in Point-Source Searches" 

May 29: Ashley Ross (OSU) - "Cosmology from Galaxy Clustering" 

June 5: Andres Salcedo (OSU) - "Secondary and Neighbor Bias in Halo Clustering" and Heidi Wu (OSU) - "Probing Dark Energy with Galaxy Clusters" 

June 7: Alice Pisani (Flatiron Institute) - "Constraining Cosmology with Cosmic Voids" 

June 12: Marshall Johnson (OSU) - "Spin-Orbit Misalignments of Planets around Hot Stars as a Tracer of Planet Migration" and Judit Prat (Barcelona) - "Photometric redshifts and cosmology from weak lensing cross-correlations in DES" 

June 19: Tim Linden (OSU)

June 26: Danielle Berg (OSU) - "The Evolution of C/O in Low-Metallicity Galaxies" and Dyas Utomo (OSU) - "Star Formation Efficiency per Free Fall Time in Nearby Galaxies"  

July 10: Niall MacCrann (OSU) - "Testing LambdaCDM with weak lensing and galaxy statistics in the Dark Energy Survey" and Katie Auchettl (OSU) - "Using supernova remnants to understand the progenitors of core collapse supernovae" 

July 17: Ben Wibking (OSU) - "Does radiation pressure on dust drive galactic winds?" and Paulo Montero Camacho (OSU) - "Exploring circular polarization in the CMB due to conventional sources of cosmic birefringence"  

July 24: Paul Sutter (OSU) - "Let's Talk About Talking About Science" and Jenna Freudenburg (OSU) - "Measuring weak lensing magnification with the Fundamental Plane" 

July 31: Radek Poleski (OSU) - "Measuring masses of wide orbit planets" and Tuguldur Sukhbold (OSU)

Aug 7: Ami Choi (OSU) - "Cosmology with WFIRST: From photons to dark energy" and Xiao Fang (OSU) 

Aug 14: Ben Buckman (OSU) - "Cosmic Rays are Dynamically Weak in Starburst Galaxies: A Multiwavelength Analysis of M82" and Michael Troxel (OSU) - "Weak lensing cosmology" 

Aug 21: Cassi Lochhaas (OSU) - "Properties of the Simulated Circumgalactic Medium" and Sujeong Lee (OSU) - "Producing an SDSS-BOSS CMASS sample with imaging from the Dark Energy Survey" 

2016-2017 Seminar Series

Sep 13: Yuan-Sen Ting (Harvard) - "Unraveling the History of the Milky Way"

Sep 20: Susan Clark (Columbia) - "Using Neutral Hydrogen to Measure Cosmic Magnetism and CMB Foregrounds"

Sep 27: Allison Merritt (Yale) - "Unveiling the Low Surface Brightness Universe: The Dragonfly Nearby Galaxies Survey"

Oct 4: Alex Ji (MIT) - "Dwarf Galaxy Archaeology with the r-process Galaxy Reticulum II"

Oct 11: Tea Temim (Space Telescope Science Institute, STScI) - "Supernovae as Drivers of Dust Evolution in Galaxies"

Oct 18: Miguel Mostafa (Penn State) - "First year of data from the High Altitude Water Cherenkov observatory"

Oct 25: Julian Munoz () - "Compact and diffuse dark matter"

Nov 1: Angela Burden (Yale) - "Measuring BAO in galaxy surveys"

Nov 8: Anna Rosen (UCSC) - "The Destructive Birth of Massive Stars and Massive Star Clusters"

Nov 15: James Guillochon (CfA) - "Tidal disruptions of stars by supermassive black holes: dynamics, light, and relics"

Nov 29: Jessie Shelton (UIUC) - "Hidden sectors and dark matter"

Nov 30: Risa Wechsler (Stanford) - "Probing the Dark Universe with Galaxy Surveys"

Dec 6: Ben Safdi (MIT) - "Cosmic Axion Detection with an Amplifying B-field Ring Apparatus"

Jan 17: Sukhdeep Singh (Carnegie Mellon U) - "Lensing Cross Correlations: Measurements and Applications" 

Jan 24: Arka Banerjee (U of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) - "Simulating nonlinear cosmological structure formation with massive neutrinos" 

Jan 31: Justin Spilker (Arizona) - "How to Turn Off Star Formation: Assembling Early Passive Galaxies"

Feb 7: Chang Hoon Hahn (NYU) - "Fundamental Physics with the Next Galaxy Surveys"

Feb 14: Azadeh Fattahi (U of Victoria) - "APOSTLE Local Group simulations: why bother with faint galaxies?"

Feb 21: Alyson Brooks (Rutgers) - "Re-Examining Astrophysical Constraints on the Dark Matter Model"

Feb 28: Foteini Oikonomou (Penn State) - "Multi-messenger results at ultra-high energies from the Pierre Auger Observatory"

Mar 7: Elisabeth Krause (Stanford) - "Combining Cosmological Probes from the Dark Energy Survey, and Beyond"

Mar 21: Pat Slane (CfA, Harvard-Smithsonian) - "Energetic Windbags Young and Old: The Evolving Story of Pulsar Wind Nebulae"

Mar 28: Matthew Walker (CMU) - "Dark Matter in the Smallest Galaxies"

April 4: Dan Scolnic (KICP, Chicago) - "Using Type Ia Supernovae To Measure The Hubble Constant and Dark Energy"

April 11: Kerstin Perez (MIT) - "High-energy X-rays from the Galactic Center: "zombie stars" and particle physics"

April 18: Mariangela Lisanti (Princeton) - "The Search for Extragalactic Dark Matter"

May 2: Emily Levesque (Wisconsin) - "Discovery of a Thorne-Zytkow Object Candidate in the Small Magellanic Cloud"

May 10: Charlotte Mason (UCLA) - "What can galaxies tell us about the Epoch of Reionization?" 

May 16: Tuguldur Sukhbold (OSU Physics) - "On the origin of light s-process elements" and Ashley Ross (OSU Physics) - "What to know about BAO: The status of cosmological distance measurements using the baryon acoustic oscillation feature" 

May 23: Ami Choi (OSU Physics) - "Towards accurate cosmology with overlapping galaxy surveys" and Tim Linden (OSU Physics) - "Utilizing HAWC Observations to Shed Light on Milky Way Pulsars" 

May 30: Ying Zu (OSU Physics) - "Learning Galaxy Formation from Large-Scale Structure and Weak Lensing" and Michael Troxel (OSU Physics) - "Cosmological constraints from cosmic shear in the Dark Energy Survey"

June 6: Jamie Tayar (OSU) - "Core and Surface Rotation Rates of Evolved Intermediate Mass Stars" and Radek Poleski (OSU) - "Ice giant exoplanets - what do we know about them?" 

June 13: Anna Nierenberg (OSU) - "Constraining CDM with narrow-line lensing" and Mauricio Bustamante (OSU) - "A first measurement of high-energy neutrino cross sections with astrophysical neutrinos" 

June 20: Xiao Fang (OSU) - "Quadruple Systems: Hints on Supernova Formation" and Su-Jeong Lee (OSU) - "Producing an SDSS-BOSS CMASS sample with imaging from the Dark Energy Survey to test gravity" 

June 27: Shirley Li (OSU) - "Observing supernova neutrinos to late times" and Niall MacCrann (OSU) - "Cosmological constraints from galaxy clustering and weak lensing using Dark Energy Survey Year 1 data: Methodology and Validation" 

July 11: Francesco Capozzi (OSU) - “Fast neutrino flavour conversions near the supernova core” and Marshall Johnson (OSU) - "Transiting Planets around Hot Stars"

July 18: Qingwen Tang (OSU) - "Modelling the high-energy gamma rays in the LMC field" and Cassi Lochhaas (OSU) - "Fast Winds Drive Slow Shells: The CGM as Galactic Wind-Driven Shells" 

July 25: Jack Elvin-Poole (University of Manchester) - "The sterile neutrino: a combined view of cosmological limits with oscillation searches" and Oindree Banerjee (OSU) - "Development of new binned analysis technique for ANITA" 

Aug 15: Stacy Kim (OSU) - "Constraining Self-Interacting Dark Matter through Equal-Mass Mergers of Galaxy Clusters"  and Carl Pfendner (OSU) - "Progress in In Situ UHE Neutrino Detectors: Ice, Simulation, and Analysis"

2015-2016 Seminar Series

Aug 25: Segev BenZvi (U. of Rochester) - "Physics at the End of the Electromagnetic Spectrum: First Results from HAWC"

Sep 1: Dan Coe (STScI) - "Hunting the First Galaxies with Gravitational Lensing"

Sep 8: Coral Wheeler (UC Irvine) - "Sweating the small stuff: Simulating dwarf galaxies, ultra-faint dwarf galaxies, and their own tiny satellites"

Sep 16: Eric Carlson (UCSC) - "Confronting the Fermi Galactic Center Excess with 3D Models of the Gamma-Ray Sky"

Sep 23: Adrian Price- Whelan (Columbia U) - "Tidal streams in triaxial systems"

Sep 29: Renee Hlozek (Princeton) - "CMB cosmology with ACT, Planck and ACTPol"

Oct 6: Cecilia Lunardini (Arizona State U) - "Star formation and high energy neutrinos at IceCube: a correlation?"

Oct 13: Fraser Cain (Universe Today) - "They need you (more than you need them)"

Oct 20: Adrienne Erickcek (North Carolina) - "An Early-Universe Boost to the Dark Matter Annihilation Rate"

Oct 27: John Forbes (UCSC) - "Galaxies in the balance"

Nov 3: Morgan MacLeod (UCSC) - "Common Envelope and the Formation of Close Neutron Star Binaries"

Nov 9: Chanda Prescod-Weinstein (MIT) - "Condensed Dark Matter: An Axion Story"

Nov 10: Josiah Schwab (UC Berkeley) - "Single and Double Degenerate Pathways towards Accretion-Induced Collapse"

Nov 17: Ana Bonaca (Yale) - "The Milky Way in Stereo: Constraints on the Galactic Gravitational Potential from Multiple Stellar Streams"

Nov 20: Peter Denton (Vanderbilt) - "Cosmic Ray Anisotropy with Partial Sky Exposure"

Nov 24: Michael Troxel (Manchester) - "Disentangling Fundamental Physics from Subtle Systematics in Cosmic Shear and Large-Scale Structure"

Dec 1: Markus Ackermann (DESY, UW Madison) - "Cosmic neutrinos - what we know, what we suspect"

Dec 8: Cameron Hummels (Caltech) - "Revolutionizing our understanding of galaxy evolution through simulations of the CGM"

Jan 12: Jesse Thaler (MIT) - "Hidden Sectors and Dark Forces"

Jan 19: Yuanyuan Zhang (Michigan) - "Studying the Galaxies inside Clusters with the Dark Energy Survey"

Jan 26: Maria Drout (Harvard) - "Peculiar Transients as Probes of Stellar Evolution and Mass-Loss"

Feb 2: Laura Blecha (U. of Maryland) - "The Dynamic Lives of Supermassive Black Holes in Merging Galaxies"

Feb 9: Katie Auchettl (OSU) - "Supernova remnants interacting with molecular clouds" and Jordan Hanson (OSU) - "A review of uhe neutrino detection using the Askaryan effect"

Feb 16: Carlos Arguelles (MIT) - "Results from the Search for eV-Sterile Neutrinos with IceCube-86"

Feb 23: Ian Shoemaker (Penn State) - "Secluded Neutrinos: From the Early Universe to IceCube"

Mar 1: Dawn Erb (Haverford College) - "Low Mass Galaxies and their Gas at the Peak Epoch of Star Formation"

Mar 8: Alex Drlica-Wagner (Fermilab) - "Fundamental Physics with the Smallest Galaxies"

Mar 15: Mattia Fornasa (GRAPPA/Amsterdam) - "Anisotropies as a probe the Diffuse Gamma-Ray Background"

Mar 22: Dragan Huterer (Michigan) - "Growth of cosmic structure - the next frontier"

Mar 29: Brant Robertson (UCSC) - "New Constraints on Cosmic Reionization from Planck and Hubble Space Telescope"

April 5: Shirley Ho (Carnegie Mellon) - "Joining Forces Against the Dark Universe: From the Cosmic Microwave Background to Large Scale Structure"

April 12: Anja von der Linden (Stony Brook) - "Weighing the Giants: Cluster Masses and Cosmology"

April 19: Douglas Scott (UBC) - "The Universe According to Planck"

April 26: Valerie Connaughton (USRA) - "Fermi's role in the era of multi-messenger astronomy"

May 3: Esra Bulbul (MIT) - "A Case for the 3.55 keV Line: Claims, Counterclaims, Reasons, and Evidence"

May 6: Juri Smirnov (Max-Planck) - "Light from Dark Matter"

May 10: Or Graur (NYU/Harvard) - "Revealing the Progenitors of Explosive Transients with Spectroscopic Surveys"

May 17: Rebecca Surman (Notre Dame) - "Forging the heaviest elements"

May 24: Ian Roederer (Michigan) - "Rare Elements from the First Stars to Today"

May 31: Alexia Lewis (U. of Washington) - "A sub-kiloparsec scale view of star formation in M31"

June 7: Jonathan Blazek (OSU) - "Accurate Cosmology with Observations of Galaxies" and Ashley Ross (OSU) - "Results from the Completed SDSS-III Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey"

June 21: Joe McEwen (OSU) - "FAST-PT: a novel algorithm to calculate convolution integrals in cosmological perturbation theory" and Michael Fausnaugh (OSU) - "Reverberation Mapping of AGN Accretion Disks"

June 28: Rebecca Leane (Melbourne/Physics) - "Dark Forces in the Sky: Signals from Z' and the Dark Higgs" and Radek Poleski (OSU) - "Ice giant exoplanets"

July 5: Mauricio Bustamante (OSU) - "Probing neutrino lifetime using high-energy astrophysical neutrinos" and Stephan Frank (OSU) - "Introducing Agnostic Spectral Stacking as a Powerful Method to detect and characterise Weak QSO Absorber Populations"

July 12: Janie Hoormann (Washington U, St. Louis) - "Using Simulations of the X-ray Emission from Black Holes to Dissect the Inner Regions of Accretion Flow" and Jamie Tayar (OSU) - "Asteroseismic Tests of Stellar Isochrones"

July 19: Carl Pfendner (OSU) - "Background Rejection in the ARA Experiment"

July 26: Shirley Li (OSU) - "Observing Neutron Stars" and Kelly Denney (OSU) - "On the Reliability of CIV-based Black Hole Masses: We're Making Progress"

Aug 2: Kenny Ng (OSU) - "Searching for Dark Matter with NuSTAR" and Oindree Banerjee (OSU) - "ANITA 4: A TUFF new mission to discover ultra-high energy neutrinos"

Aug 9: Anna Nierenberg (OSU) - "Strong narrow-line lensing and the subhalo mass function" and Jordan Hanson (OSU) - "Experimental Particle Astrophysics in Antarctica"

Aug 16: Tim Linden (OSU) - "The Galactic Center Environment and the Galactic Center GeV Excess"