CCAPP considers proposals on an ongoing basis, with the goal being to advance the science, visibility, and funding of CCAPP and its members.  Funding is focused is on cosmology and astroparticle physics, though proposals to strengthen connections with closely allied areas will also be considered.  The purpose of this email is to remind people of the procedures.

Proposals with small or moderate costs should be brought to the Director.  These include workshops, short-term visitors, matching funds to support student travel to meetings, summer undergraduate research support, public lectures, outreach activities, and so on.  Proposals with larger costs should be brought also to the Chair of the Science Board.  These include large conferences, long-term visitors, matches on postdocs (generally only through the annual postdoc search), and "infrastructure" items (described more next), and so on.  Graduate student salaries are generally not supported.

Infrastructure items are things that might affect many people, leverage new funding, or otherwise significantly benefit CCAPP and its members.  Examples might include large computing resources for common use, institutional membership in collaborations, hardware purchases that could seed successful proposals, and more.  There is a strong preference for proposals that include matches from other funds, though we recognize that this is not always possible.  We welcome creative ideas that could advance CCAPP goals.  To make a proposal, begin by talking to us informally to get guidelines and prospects.  This will also help avoid duplication of effort.

Best regards,

John Beacom (Director)
Amy Connolly
Klaus Honscheid
Laura Lopez
Paul Martini (Chair of the Science Board)
Annika Peter
David Weinberg