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A world-leader in the biggest topics

At most universities you find astroparticle physicists and cosmologists in their respective Physics and Astronomy departments.

At Ohio State, you find them at CCAPP, working side by side studying forces and matter that defy our attempts to observe them. CCAPP’s interconnected mix of world-class theorists and experimentalists makes Ohio State a leader in the biggest topics of our day—dark energy, dark matter, the origin of cosmic structure, and the highest-energy particles. Topics in which the many questions of cosmology and astroparticle physics can help answer each other.

Unlike other places where work is organized by individual labs working on individual topics, CCAPP faculty, postdocs and students convene around experiments—some of the biggest ones in the history of science. They are part of discoveries that make international headlines, like the Higgs boson and UHE neutrinos. They have located the brightest supernova and measured the smallest black hole.

At CCAPP there are no limits to where science can go. Colleagues and students from different disciplines collaborate with each other and with partners at other institutions on new questions, new tools, new approaches.

CCAPP’s concentration of exceptional talent and cooperative curiosity makes it the place to solve the universe’s biggest mysteries.