Biard Scholarship

Ohio State undergraduates interested in undertaking their own astrophysics research can apply for the Captain Forrest R. Biard Undergraduate Research Scholarship in Physics. In addition to invaluable research experience and career guidance, the annual scholarship provides recipients with a $3,500 award to work directly with a member of the Department of Physics faculty.

As part of Ohio State’s Physics Summer Research Program, Biard Scholarship recipients:

  • Dedicate approximately 30 hours per week during the program to conducting research with a faculty mentor.
  • Learn from mentors and advisors at monthly luncheons with other student scholars.
  • Receive guidance on topics such as publishing research, creating a resume and the types of careers that are possible with a PhD.
  • Present their work at a special departmental poster session at the conclusion at the program and again at the Undergraduate Research Office’s Fall Forum.
  • Serve as volunteers at the GRASP Physics Summer Camp, where they can share their knowledge and enthusiasm for physics with middle school girls who are interested in science.

For more about applying for the Biard Scholarship for CCAPP-related physics research, contact Lisa Colarosa, CCAPP program coordinator.

About Captain Forrest R. Biard

In World War II, Captain Forrest Biard, U.S. Navy, was among the officers, cryptanalysts and crypto-linguists credited with helping the Allies win the Battle of Midway—and ultimately the war—by deciphering a Japanese codebook. Following the war, Capt. Biard earned his master’s degree in physics at Ohio State in 1953 studying magnetic resonance, the technology eventually developed into Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Capt. Biard, who passed away in 2009, included in his estate a gift to establish the R. Jack and Forest Lynn Biard Lecture Series in Astro-Particle Physics Fund in honor of his parents and the Captain Forrest R. Biard Undergraduate Research Scholarship Fund in Physics. Ohio State is deeply grateful for Capt. Biard’s thoughtful giving, deep commitment to education and invaluable service to our country.