Price Prize Award


The Dr. Pliny A. and Margaret H. Price Prize recognizes research excellence and exceptional promise in areas related to CCAPP initiatives. Two recipients are selected annually by the CCAPP Science Board based on a review of their research in the areas of cosmology and astroparticle physics. CCAPP hosts Prize recipients for a week during which they give a Price Prize seminar on their research, establish long-term collaborative relationships, and receive a $1,500 honorarium.

Faculty members are encouraged to nominate graduate students working in any area of cosmology or astroparticle physics who are within one year of earning their PhD. Students who did or will complete their PhD within the upcoming year are not eligible. The primary criterion is exceptional scientific promise. Nominations of women or other under-represented groups are especially welcome.

Stephen Price and his CCAPP legacy

Steve Price (March 3, 1949 – November 26, 2014) was not a scientist, but his impact on CCAPP and the field of astrophysics endures.

Steve became acquainted with Ohio State’s astronomy department and CCAPP in 2004, when the landing of the Spirit and Curiosity rovers on Mars piqued his longstanding interest in the universe. In addition to the time he spent learning about black holes, dark matter, and stellar populations, Steve and his wife, Jill Levy, also invested significant charitable donations toward CCAPP’s mission.

Together, Steve and Jill created and endowed the Dr. Pliny A. and Margaret H. Price Prize in 2009 with a generous gift of $127,000 in honor of Steve’s parents. Prior to creating the Price Prize, they also funded the renovation of Price Place, a gathering spot with state-of-the-art technology for CCAPP faculty, postdocs, students and visitors to share and discuss ideas.

Steve was proud of the fact that the Price Prize is unprecedented in the field. With his untimely passing in 2014, family and friends gave generously to this one-of-a-kind fund in his memory. He would no doubt be elated by this outpouring of support for one of his noble-hearted passions.

Steve’s friends at CCAPP are humbled to carry on his legacy through our work. We will long celebrate his visionary thinking, his insightful feedback on new research ideas, the encouragement he offered young scientists, and his inspiration for outreach to the public. And we are forever grateful to Steve and Jill for their belief in our mission and their inspiring generosity.