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One of our recent undergraduate alums, Caitlin O’Brien, working with two other undergraduates, was selected last year for the President’s Buckeye Accelerator Award.  Their project, called…

Researchers have used the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument to make the largest 3D map of 

our universe and world-leading measurements of dark energy, the mysterious cause of its…

JWST data reveals how dust, gas assemble to form galactic disks 

For the first time, high-resolution images captured by the James Webb Space Telescope are offering powerful insights…

Where do stars and planets come from? New observations with the Hubble Space Telescope, NASA’s groundbreaking new James Webb Space Telescope, and the giant radio telescope ALMA reveal galaxies in…

People Directory

Ryuichiro Hada
CCAPP Affiliate Fellow (2022– ), JSPS Fellow (2022–)
Taylor Murphy
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Richard  Pogge
College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Astronomy, Vice Chair for Instrumentation
Ashley Ross
Research Scientist (2014–)