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Welcome to the webpage of the Center for Cosmology and AstroParticle Physics (CCAPP).  Our research spans from the largest things --- stars, galaxies, and the Universe itself --- to the smallest things --- atoms, nuclei, and elementary particles --- and especially the surprising ways in which they are connected.
CCAPP’s mission integrates efforts in research, teaching, and service:
To promote world-leading efforts in studies of dark energy, dark matter, the origins of cosmic structure, and the highest energy particles in the Universe, through strategic investments and through a highly visible postdoc, visitor, and workshop program that advances knowledge, mentors the next generation of scientists, and brings the exciting results to the public.
CCAPP was founded at The Ohio State University in 2006, and connects its Department of Physics and Department of Astronomy.  It is now an internationally renowned institute.  Its membership includes approximately 25 faculty, 15 postdoctoral fellows, and 25 graduate students, whose research ranges from theory and simulation to experiment and observation. Governance for CCAPP is conducted by its Director, a six-member Science Board, and a Program Coordinator.
Initial support for CCAPP came from a highly competitive program, Ohio State’s Targeted Investments in Excellence (TIE), which provided $5.5M from 2006 to 2011.  Ongoing support comes from the College of Arts and Sciences, more than $5.4M in endowed funds, plus external grants and other sources.
The activities of CCAPP include frequent discussions about research, in which students and postdocs engage with faculty, a program of seminars and workshops that hosts hundreds of visitors per year, and a wide array of outreach and public-lecture programs that reach thousands of people per year.
CCAPP has a unique culture, distinguished by an open, friendly, collaborative style.  We hope you’ll visit us to experience it yourself.