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Postdoc Matching Proposals

To make a proposal to the CCAPP Science Board for postdoc matching funds, please provide a 1-2 page document that provides the following information:

  1. Name of the postdoc candidate, summary of facts about them, their past work, and future plans.
  2. Specifics of position, duration, salary, and source of faculty funds.  Specifics of proposed match financials and if the request might be reduced if future grants are successful.  Proposed title, disposition of research budget (for CCAPP Fellows, this is $8k/year) and moving expenses ($2.5k one-time).  Any other relevant details, including the proposed schedule for payments, etc.
  3. Why a match is requested.
  4. Why hiring this person would benefit your research effort.
  5. Why hiring this person would benefit CCAPP.
  6. Sketch of plans to help this person prepare to get and succeed in their next job after here, if hired.

At least one paragraph to address each of these points.  The organization of the proposal is up to you, and feel free to supply additional information.

The fundamental goal is to ensure that the Science Board has the information it needs to make a good decision.  Following receipt of the proposal, the Science Board may ask for additional information, including through your meeting with us to discuss further.

There is not a strict deadline, but sooner is better, as consideration of candidates is ongoing.  We follow the usual 15-February response deadline.  In January, we’ll be interviewing some candidates and making decisions, so providing something by early January, if not sooner, would be good.