CCAPP is grateful to the alumni and friends who, through their generous giving, enable CCAPP faculty, postdocs, students and staff to advance our human understanding of the universe.

As public funding for science continues to diminish due to limited resources and competing priorities, private philanthropy is increasingly critical to ensuring that basic science and the innovation it leads to continue to enrich our existence.

Giving to support CCAPP can go toward new or existing scholarships, faculty positions, research projects, and programming, while endowed gifts like the Price Prize and Biard Lecture series empower the highest-caliber teaching and learning tools for generations to come.

Gifts to CCAPP are gifts to more than just a place or a group of people. They are gifts to the ongoing conversation that is knowledge, and to the fundamental component of human nature that is curiosity.

Much like the questions we ask about the universe, gifts to support scientific discovery connect us to things much larger than ourselves.

You can support CCAPP by making a gift online, or contact Rick Harrison to discuss other options for giving.