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Biard Lectureship Endowment

The R. Jack and Forest Lynn Biard Cosmology and Astrophysics Lecture is an annual series of lectures created and endowed by a generous estate gift by the late Captain Forrest R. Biard, U.S. Navy. Free and open to the public, these annual lectures bring recognized speakers at the forefront of cosmology and astrophysics research to campus for the benefit of the university and central Ohio community.

The cornerstone of CCAPP's outreach effort, the Biard Lecture allows scientists and non-scientists alike to learn about new discoveries, theories, and experiments in the field of astrophysics. In addition to increasing public awareness of the scientific advances made possible by taxpayer-supported funding, the Biard Lectures are an opportunity for the public to experience and enjoy the wonders of scientific exploration.

About Captain Forrest R. Biard

Captain Forrest R. Biard

December 21, 1912 – November 2, 2009

In World War II, Capt. Biard was among the officers, cryptanalysts, and crypto-linguists credited with helping the Allies win the Battle of Midway—and ultimately the war—by deciphering a Japanese codebook. Following the war, he enrolled at Ohio State and studied magnetic resonance, the technology eventually developed into Magnetic Resonance Imaging. After heeding another call to serve his country, this time as the operations officer for the first hydrogen bomb test, Capt. Biard returned to complete his master’s degree in physics in 1953.

Capt. Biard, who passed away in 2009, included in his estate a gift to establish the R. Jack and Forest Lynn Biard Lecture Series in Astro-Particle Physics Fund, named in honor of his parents, and the Captain Forrest R. Biard Undergraduate Research Scholarship Fund in Physics. Ohio State is deeply grateful for Capt. Biard’s thoughtful giving, his deep commitment to education, and his service to our country.

Remembering CAPT Forrest R. Biard, Japanese Linguist and Code Breaker!