Graduate Programs

In addition to major research at the forefront of some of science’s hottest topics, graduate students find something unusual at CCAPP: intersections. Astronomers and physicists comparing data. Theorists, observationalists and experimentalists huddling over notes. Scientists of many kinds sharing, collaborating, working side-by-side.

And at the center of this world: grad students.

CCAPP’s unique environment fosters both great science and great scientists. If it takes a village to prepare the next generation of researchers for success, CCAPP is that village. It is a place where minds and office doors are open. Where junior scientists are ushered into groundbreaking international experiments. Where faculty, postdocs and students discuss history-making discoveries in the hallways, over lunch or over a beer.

At CCAPP, graduate students with access to some of the most advanced tools in the world learn from a faculty of experts committed to supporting newcomers to the field. Throughout their graduate career at Ohio State, special programs, opportunities and awards are also offered that do the same