Current Seminars


2019-2020 Seminar Series

Regularly held Tuesdays at 11:30am in PRB4138

Autumn 2019

Aug 27: Carolyn Raithel (Arizona) - "Constraints on the Neutron Star Equation of State from Gravitational Wave Events"

Sep 3: Annika Peter (OSU) - TBD

Sep 10: Shany Danieli (Yale) - "Diffuse Galaxies As a Probe for Dark Matter"

Sep 17: Subhash Bose/ Todd Thompson (OSU)- TBD

Sep 24: Amy Sardone/ Juri Smirnov (OSU Postdocs) - TBD

Oct 1: Samantha Benincasa (UC Davis) - "The Life and Death of Stellar Nurseries: GMCs and Stellar Clusters in Cosmological Simulations"

Oct 8: Eric Huff (JPL) - Recent progress by Dark Sector staff and postdocs on the use of machine learning methods

Oct 15: Eric Bell (Michigan) - "Islands no more: how do mergers affect galaxies and their satellites?"

Oct 22: Jason Nordhaus (RIT) - "Common Envelope Evolution"

Oct 29: Michael Tremmel (Yale) - "The RomulusC Simulation: Exploring Galaxy Evolution in Clusters at Unprecedented Resolution"

Nov 5: Ivanna Escala (Caltech) - "Chemical Abundances in the Outer Disk, Giant Stellar Stream, and Inner Halo of Andromeda"

Nov 12: Carlos Blanco (Chicago) - "New Constraints on Dark Matter from Organic Targets: What Organic Chemistry Can do for Direct Detection"

Nov 19: Anna Wright (Rutgers) - "Denizens of the Low Surface Brightness Universe"

Dec 3: Alexie Leauthaud (UC Santa Cruz) - "Galaxies and Dark Matter: Cosmology, Correlations, and Conundrums"

Dec 10: Jae Hyeok Chang (Stonybrook) - "Exotic Compact Objects in a Dissipative Dark Sector"

Spring 2020

Jan 10: Juliana Stachurska (Berlin) - "Astrophysical Tau Neutrinos in IceCube and a New Measurement of the Neutrino Flavor Composition"

Jan 14: Chad Bustard (Wisconsin) - "Cosmic Ray Transport and the Galaxy Gas Cycle"

Jan 21: Chris Mihos (Case Western) - "Diffuse Light around Galaxies and Galaxy Clusters"

Jan 28: Arnaud De Mattia (Paris) - "The extended Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey: clustering measurements, lessons and prospects"

Feb 4: Miao Li (Flatiron Institute- Simons CCA) - "The Nature and Impact of Supernovae Feedback in Galaxy Formation"

Feb 11: Nir Mandelker (Yale) - "The Multiphase Circum- and Intergalactic Media at the Nexus Between Galaxy Formation and Cosmology"

Feb 18: Yi-Kuan Chiang (OSU) and Annika Peter (OSU) 

Feb 25: Andrew Pace (Carnegie Mellon) 

March 3: Alexis Plascencia (Case Western) 

March 17: Florian Beutler (Portsmouth) - "Expanding the BAO science case"

March 24: Vivienne Baldassare (Yale) 

March 31: Jay Strader (Michigan State) 

April 7: Peter Melchior (Princeton) -

April 28: Sarah Bridle (Manchester) - (Remote Talk)


2020 Summer Seminars TBA

Summer seminars are given by internal researchers, postdocs and graduate students