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2021-2022 Seminar Series

Please join us each Tuesday at 11:30am for the weekly CCAPP Seminar given by local and non-local scholars in the fields of cosmology and astrophysics. Currently all the seminars are being held on Zoom. Please email the seminar coordinators for the password. 

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Autumn 2021

Sept 7: Emily Griffith (OSU Astronomy) "The Impact of Black Hole Formation on Population Averaged Supernova Yields" & Tharindu Jayasinghe Arachchilage (OSU Astronomy) "The Unicorn: Discovery of a nearby, mass gap black hole candidate"

Sept 14: Sanjana Curtis (U of Virginia) "Core-Collapse Supernovae: From Neutrino-Driven 1D Explosions to Light Curves and Spectra"

Sept 21: Kaeli Hughes (U of Chicago) - Price Prize Talk - "Turning on the radio: the search for Astrophysical Neutrinos with the Askaryan Radio Array"

Sept 28: Hui Kong (OSU Physics) "Image simulation and sample characterization of DESI LRGs" & Grace Olivier (OSU) "Image simulation and sample characterization of DESI LRGs"

Oct 12: Dhruba Dutta Chowdhury (Yale) "Constraining Dark Matter through Gravitational Heating and Cooling Processes"

Oct 19: Marta Reina-Campos (McMaster University) "Tracing the structure of DM haloes using GC populations: insights from the E-MOSAICSsimulations"

Oct 26: Axel Widmark (University of Copenhagen) "Weighing the Galactic disk using phase-space spirals

Nov 2: Huanqing Chen (Chicago) "Probing the Environment of First Quasars Using Proximity Zone Spectra" & Taylor Hoyt (Chicago) "Resolving Debate Over the Tip of the Red Giant Branch Method's Calibration and its Application to Measuring the Hubble Constant"

Nov 9: Geert Raaijmakers (U of Virginia) "Unraveling neutron star interiors with multimessenger observables" & Boryana Hadzhiyska (Harvard) "Forward modeling in the era of cosmological surveys"

Nov 16: Shivam Pandey (U of Pennsylvania) "Cross-correlation of DES Y3 lensing and ACT/Planck thermal Sunyaev Zel’dovich Effect" and Nicole Sanchez (U of Washington, Seattle) "Connecting Cosmic Gas Flows and Metal Enrichment to Supermassive Black Hole Growth in Galactic Evolution"

Nov 23: Milena Crnogorcevic (U of Maryland) "Axion-like particles and where to find them: Searching for ALPs from core-collapse supernovae with Fermi" & Lachlan Lancaster (Princeton) "Stellar Winds in Turbulent Environments

Nov 30: Trevor Dorn-Wallenstein (U Washington) "Constraining Core Collapse Scenarios in Massive Stars" & Kartick Sarkar "Non-equilibrium ionization and radiation transport in galactic bubbles and winds"

Dec 7: Erin Kado-Fong (Princeton) - Price Prize Talk - "Structure, Feedback, and Formation: Dwarf galaxies in the Wide-Field Era"

Spring 2022

Jan 4: Carles Sanchez (U of Pennsylvania) "Pushing the limits of the Dark Energy Survey: Selecting and characterizing high redshift galaxy samples for optimal CMB lensing cross-correlations" & Cyril Creque-Sarbinowski (Johns Hopkins) "Signatures of Electromagnetic Charge in Cosmology"

Jan 11: Michael Tucker (University of Hawai'i) "How White Dwarfs Explode as Type Ia Supernovae

Jan 18: Maria Werhahn (Germany) "Simulating galaxy formation with cosmic rays: the multi-frequency view" and Manisha Shrestha  "A new polarimetric approach to GRB jets and kilonovae emission in the era of gravitational waves

Jan 25: Kathryn Neugent and "Red Supergiant Binaries on the Path to Becoming Gravitational Wave Events" Vicky Fawcett (Durham, UK)  "How are red and blue quasars different?

Feb 1: Payel Mukopadhyay & Yueying Ni (Carnegie Mellon) "Supermassive Black Holes in Cosmological Simulations"

Feb 8: Jeff Lazar (University of Wisconsin-Madison) "Solar Neutrinos: From MeV to EeV" and Angela Collier (University of Kentucky) "Halo-Bar Coupling: How Dark Matter Defines Galaxies"

Feb 15: Rohan Naidu (Harvard) "Unraveling the Galactic Halo with the H3 Survey" and Casey Lam (Berkeley) "Hunting for isolated black holes with gravitational microlensing"

Mar 1: Oscar Agertz "The VINTERGATAN project: towards understanding the origins of the Milky Way" (Lund Observatory, Sweden)

Mar 8: Mehdi Rezaie (Kansas State University) "Robust Measurements of the Large-Scale Clustering of Galaxies and Quasars"

Mar 15: Agnès Ferté (JPL) "Testing Cosmology with Weak Lensing Surveys"

Apr 5: Krijn de Vries (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) "Cosmic neutrino sources, from gamma-ray bright to obscured"

Apr 19: Marcos Santander (University of Alabama) "News form the Very-High-Energy Gamma-Ray Sky"

Apr 26: Chelsea Harris (Michigan State) "Understanding the Emerging Class of Type Ia Supernovae with Circumstellar Material" 

May 12: Sarah Loebman (University of California, Merced) "Star Clusters on FIRE: Resolving Clustered Star Formation in Cosmological Simulations"

May 17: TBA

May 24: James Wadsley (McMaster Univ)