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2022-2023 Seminar Series

Please join us each Tuesday at 12:00pm for the weekly CCAPP Seminar given by local and non-local scholars in the fields of cosmology and astrophysics. Currently all the seminars are being held on Zoom. Please email the seminar coordinators for the password. 

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Autumn 2022

Aug 23: Cyndia Yu (Stanford) - Price Prize Talk - "Cosmology with Large-Angular Scale CMB Polarimetry"

Aug 30: Karla Arellano-Córdova (UT Austin) "The potential synergy between UV+optical spectra across cosmic time"

Sept 6: Volodymyr Takhistov (IPMU) "Marvelous Manifestations of Primordial Black Holes: from Multiverse to Neutron Star Explosions"

Sept 13: Milena Crnogorcevic (University of Maryland) "New Physics through a Multimessenger Lens: an Exploration of the High-energy Universe"

Sept 20: Maddie Lucey (U of Texas) - Price Prize Talk - "Ancient Stars and the Inner Galaxy as tracers of the Milky Way’s Early Evolution"

Sept 27 - Check out CCAPP Fellows Symposium 2022

Oct. 4: Yi Jia (MIT) -  "Latest Results from the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer"

Oct 11 - Check out the annual Biard Public Lecture

Oct. 18: Claire Lamman (Harvard) "Fake Redshift-Space Distortions" & Sanaea Rose (UCLA) "Collisions in Galactic Nuclei: Stars, Binaries, and Black Holes"

Oct. 25: Yuhan Yao (Caltech) "The X-ray Bright Tidal Disruption Event AT2021ehb" & Erez Michaely (UCLA) "Collisional dynamics in the field: Ultra-wide systems as sources for binary exotica"

Nov. 1: Gabi Sato-Polito (JHU) "New windows into cosmic history" & Justin Myles (Stanford) "Novel Methods to Leverage Spectroscopic Overlap of Imaging Surveys"

Nov. 8: Akaxia Cruz (University of Washington) "Astrophysical Implications of Self-Interacting Dark Matter" & Shyam Menon (ANU) "The Nature of Stellar Feedback and Star Formation in Dusty Starburst Environments"

Nov. 15: Navin Sridhar (Columbia University) "Applications of hyper-accreting sources to common envelope mergers, fast radio bursts, and high energy neutrinos" & Rebecca Diesing (University of Chicago) "Understanding the multi-wavelength emission from astrophysical shocks"

Nov 22: Kung-Yi Su (Harvard) "AGN jet across multiple scales"

Nov 29: (no Seminar)

Dec 6: Nihan Pol (Vanderbilt) "The Landscape of nanohertz gravitational wave astronomy"

Dec. 13: Zhilei Xu (MIT) "Precision Cosmology: from CMB to 21cm"


Jan 17: Hans Niederhausen (Michigan State) "High Energy Astrophysics with IceCube: Evidence for neutrino emission from the nearby active galaxy NGC 1068"

Jan 24: Benedikt Diemer (University of Maryland) "A dynamics-based density profile for dark matter halos"

Jan 31:  Elias Aydi (Michigan State) "New insight into classical novae"

Feb 7: (no Seminar)

Feb 14: Jakob den Brok (Univ of Bonn / Harvard CfA) "Unraveling the molecular gas conditions across nearby galaxies – new insights from recent large mm line programs"

Feb 21: Zahra Tabrizi (Northwestern) "Beyond the Standard Model with Neutrinos"
-- This Seminar was cancelled and will be rescheduled

Feb 28: Solene Chabanier (LBNL) "Toward precision cosmology with the Lya forest"

Mar 7: Mathieu Renzo (Flatiron Institute) "Explosive connections between massive binaries and stellar transients"

Mar 14: Antonella Palmese (Carnegie Mellon) "Probing the Universe’s expansion and the origin of compact object binaries with multi-messenger astronomy"
-- This Seminar was cancelled and will be rescheduled

Mar 21: Matthew Digman (Montana State University) "Multi-Messenger Science and LISA Pre-Merger Alerts"

Mar 28: Molly Peeples (Space Telescope Science Institute) "Figuring Out Gas & Galaxies In Enzo"

Apr 4: Boryana Hadzhiyska (LBNL)
-- This Seminar was cancelled and will be rescheduled

Apr 11: Kohta Murase (Pennsylvania State University) "TBA"

Apr 18: Andrew Robertson (JPL) "TBA"

Apr 25: Eduardo Rozo (University of Arizona) "TBA"

May 2: Stephen Chen (IAS) "TBA"