Current Seminars

2023–2024 Seminar Series

Please join us each Tuesday at 12:00pm for the weekly CCAPP Seminar given by local and non-local scholars in the fields of cosmology and astrophysics.  Seminars are held in person with Zoom access.  Please email the seminar coordinators for the password.

2023–2024 Seminar Series

January 23: Georgios Valogiannis (UChicago) -- "Precise Cosmological Constraints from BOSS Galaxy Clustering using the Wavelet Scattering Transform"

December 12: Don Dixon (Vanderbilt) -- "Rotationally Driven Ultraviolet Emission of Red Giant Stars II, Metallicity, Binarity and Sub-subgiants"

December 5: Nepomuk Otte (GA Tech) -- "Trinity the PeV Neutrino Observatory"

December 1: Roohi Dalai (Princeton) -- "New Cosmology Constraints from the Hyper Suprime-Cam Year 3 Data Release"

November 14: Cuncheng Chen (UChicago) -- "Spatially-resolved CGM dynamics in both non-active and active halos"

November 7: Jordan Eagle (NASA) -- "Pulsar Wind Nebulae Studies in the Gamma-ray Era with the Fermi-LAT"

October 31: Steve Sclafini (UWisconsin) -- "Mapping the Milky Way with Neutrinos"

October 27: Xinyi Chen (Yale) -- "Probing primordial non-Gaussianity by reconstructing the initial conditions with machine learning"

October 24: Dhayaa Anbajagane (UChicago): "Exploring the frontiers of the primordial universe using weak lensing surveys"

October 17: Jason Hinkle (UHonolulu at Manoa): "Messy Eaters: The Feeding Behaviors of Supermassive Black Holes"

October 13: Dragan Huterer (Michigan): "Evidence for the Suppression of Structure Growth in the Standard Cosmological Model"

October 3: Biprateep Dey (UPittsburgh): "Photometric Redshifts for Next Generation of Sky Surveys"

September 26: Zahra Tabrizi (Northwestern): "Beyond the Standard Model with Neutrinos"

September 19: Oliver Philcox (Columbia): "Reflecting the Universe in a Mirror"

September 12: Lucy Lu (Columbia ): "Rewinding the Milky Way in Time"

Upcoming Seminars: 

January 30: Catherine Fielder (Arizona) -- "All Puffed Up: Tidal Heating as an Ultra Diffuse Galaxy Formation Pathway"

February 20: Wenzer Qin (MIT) -- "TBD"

February 27: Christopher Carr -- "TBD"

Special CCAPP Seminars

June 23: Markus Boettcher (North-West University, Potchefstoom, South Africa), "Neutrino Emission from Blazars"

July 5: Shilo Xia (LBNL), "LZ Calibration Systems and First Dark Matter Search Results"