Astronomer Leads Team Discovery of Hottest Known Planet

June 5, 2017
hottest planet

Astronomer Scott Gaudi, Thomas Jefferson Professor for Discovery and Space Exploration, co-led an international team that discovered planet KELT-9b is “so hot it stretches the definition of the word ‘planet,’” Gaudi says.

Astronomers Witness Star’s Death, Birth of New Black Hole

June 1, 2017

For the first time, astronomers have seen a dying star collapse directly into a black hole. The fizzle of this star — about 25 times more massive than our Sun — could explain why astronomers rarely see massive stars explode.

Changing Lives in the Lab and in the Field

May 23, 2017
Laura Lopez

From uncovering how illnesses work to studying the births and deaths of massive stars, the women in STEM in the College of Arts and Sciences continue to be an influential presence in the Ohio State community.

Beacom interviews Mythbusters at sold-out show

April 20, 2017
John Beacom

Physics faculty member John Beacom interviewed the television stars of "Mythbusters," Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, on stage at the Ohio Union in front of a sellout crowd of 1,100 people.  The Mythbusters show, which ran on the Discovery Channel for 15 seasons, applied scie