On the Existence of Black Holes

September 14, 2017
black holes

By all accounts, black holes should not exist, and for a long time, they were shrugged off as mere mathematical artifacts — an annoying bug in the otherwise elegant machinery of general relativity.

Mapping the Invisible Universe

September 9, 2017
dark matter map

Researchers from the Dark Energy Survey, headed by physics professor Klaus Honscheid, have reached a new milestone mapping the growth of the universe from its infancy to present day.

Time travel isn't possible…or is it?

September 5, 2017

We have complete freedom of movement within space, but we cannot avoid our future. Time seems to have an "arrow," whereas the spatial dimensions are ambidextrous. Given the unity between time and space, it leads to the obvious question: Is time travel, of any sort, possible?

The Great American Eclipse: Aug. 21

August 16, 2017

The solar eclipse on Monday, Aug. 21 will be the first to travel coast to coast across the continental United States since 1918. Ohio State astronomers will be spread all along the path of totality, sharing their experiences as the eclipse passes.

Astronomer Leads Team Discovery of Hottest Known Planet

June 5, 2017
hottest planet

Astronomer Scott Gaudi, Thomas Jefferson Professor for Discovery and Space Exploration, co-led an international team that discovered planet KELT-9b is “so hot it stretches the definition of the word ‘planet,’” Gaudi says.