OSU Physics Department recognizes awardees for Exceptional Mentoring

August 31, 2021

OSU Physics Department recognizes awardees for Exceptional Mentoring

The 2019 members of the Polaris Mentoring Program

This year, the OSU Physics Department launched an award for Exceptional Mentoring to recognize students and post-doctorates who have gone above and beyond in mentoring students in the physics department. Awardees were nominated, then chosen by a committee comprised of faculty, graduate students, and staff.

Graduate students in the department of Physics Kirsten Casey, Lauren Ennesser, and Humberto Gilmer as well as graduate student in the department of Astronomy Emily Griffith were recognized for their leadership in the Polaris Mentoring program.

Kirsten Casey and Lauren Ennesser were additionally recognized for their work revitalizing SWiP, or the Society of Women in Physics.

Julie Rolla was recognized for her mentorship of other students throughout the development of GENETIS, a project which uses genetic algorithms, a type of machine learning, to “evolve” antennas for neutrino detection.

We applaud these students and all other recipients of this award, and thank them for their continued mentorship and other contributions to the OSU Department of Physics.