COSI Hires First Chief Scientist

March 31, 2016
Paul Sutter

Paul Sutter, cosmological research and community outreach coordinator for CCAPP has also been appointed the first Cheif Scientist at COSI.

CCAPP Graduate Student Wins a Hayes Prize

March 16, 2016
Hayes Graduate Research Forum Logo

Shirley Li is among 17 Arts and Sciences graduate students to win the Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum Prize, winner in the area of Physics. Ohio State's Edward F.

Weinberg Named Reuters' 2015 Highly Cited Researchers List

March 16, 2016
Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researchers Logo

David Weinberg was named to Thomson Reuters' 2015 list of Highly-Cited Researchers whose work has had worldwide impact and influence, ranking among the top one percent most cited for their field and year of publication.

Nation's Largest Scientific Footprint in NASA's WFIRST Mission

February 18, 2016
Rendering of WFIRST in space

"Last week, NASA announced plans to move forward on the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope. Projected to launch in mid-2020, it has two major missions: discovering secrets of dark energy and dark matter; and worlds beyond our solar system.