Particle Astro Experimental Group Receives Awards

September 28, 2020

Particle Astro Experimental Group Receives Awards


First, CCAPP Fellow Steven Prohira is PI of a collaborative award (OSU lead institution) for the Radar Echo Telescope.  With this 4-year award for $474k we will build, deploy, and analyze data from a radar system in the Antarctic ice, where we will study radar reflections from high energy cascades in the ice.  This is a prototype, pathfinder experiment that--if successful--could lead to a transformative technology for ultra-high energy neutrino detection. Professors Amy Connolly and James Beatty are Co-I's on this award. 

Second, OSU is the lead institution (Connolly PI, Beatty Co-I) of a collaborative award for the Askaryan Radio Array (ARA), a radio array deployed near South Pole.  This award brings $300k over three years to OSU and is for detector operations and gaining experience with ARA as we plan for a next generation array under design, which is the radio component of IceCube-Gen2.  ARA is accumulating the dataset with the world's best sensitivity to astrophysical neutrinos above 10^17 eV. 

These two independent projects will both further develop the ASPIRE program for high school women.