Phun with Physics returns to the Ohio State Fair for the 16th year

July 27, 2017
Phun with Physics

With the aid of Physics students and under the direction of our our Instructional Support Staff (Harold Whitt, Chris Healy and Katie Ferrell) once again Phun with Physics is at the Ohio State Fair.  

This program was highlighted by the Columbus Dispatch yesterday in an article about unusual things to see at the fair - featuring quotes from Katie and Harold.  Read the article here (be sure to scroll down to find the stuff about physics after the info about primates.

To see some of what is happening - take a look at the following Powerpoint!  OSU Physics @ the Fair.pdf

Phun with Physics is at the Ohio State Fair every afternoon.  In addition the Department of Chemistry will provide a hands on from 11:00 am - 12:15 pm daily. And Harold says there will be 7 special guest shows at various times including 5 from Chemistry and two from CCAPP with Paul Sutter.

Phun with Physics is located in the Youth Building - State Fair MapThis is a great place to take pre-school and elementary children (out of the sun).  It's fun and they learn things!  Lots of audience participation in encouraged.


Cool Chemistry hands on from 11:00 -12:15.

Phun with Physics show (Katie Ferrell usually) 12:30-1:15, 3:30-4:15

Frozen Marshmellows on a stick  1:15, 4:15

Phun with Physics hands on tables 1:30 -3:15


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