Song of the Stars: A Dance Experience of Cosmic Proportions

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April 21, 2016
All Day
Capitol Theater, 77 S. HIgh Street


Buy tickets: $25 each, or $20 each in groups of 10 or more
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The story of the life of a star: its turbulent birth in the early universe, the nurturing of a family of planets, the loss of a companion, its violent cataclysmic end…and the seeds of a new generation. Brought to life in a one-hour modern dance performance featuring a never-before-seen fusion of science and artistic expression.

Production is led by Seven Dance Company, a 501(3)(c) nonprofit dedicated to tying local communities together through world-class dancing, and Active Galaxy Productions, a company specializing in bringing science education to new audiences. The premiere is scheduled for April 21st, 2016 at the 1,000-seat Capitol Theater, followed by performances at COSI and select schools.

Individual pieces will also be filmed using specialized 360-degree cameras, creating a unique and groundbreaking immersive experience for distribution to thousands of planetariums worldwide, reaching a potential audience of millions.

The OSU Depts. of Physics and Astronomy are partners in advertising and promotion. With their help, we are also creating educational supplements, including classroom science guides and student residencies at Seven Dance Company. 

YOU CAN HELP bring this performance to the stage, the screen, and the community through tax-deductible charitable sponsorships to Seven Dance Company. Click here for more info. can check out the Kickstarter preview page for more info.

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