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Yp Project -- mini writing workshop

Yp Project -- mini writing workshop

organizing by Rick Pogge, College of Arts & Sciences Distinguished Professor of Astronomy

July 8 to 11, 2024

OSU Astronomy and CCAPP are hosting a 3-day workshop to prepare papers for a multi-institution project measuring the primordial abundance of helium using the Large Binocular Telescope.  The Yp Project combines new optical and near-infrared spectroscopic observations with the Large Binocular Telescope of a carefully-selected sample of extremely metal-poor dwarf galaxies with a new analysis methodology to make a significant improvement in the precision with which we can measure the primordial helium abundance, Yp. 

The project is an NSF-sponsored collaboration between OSU (PI Rick Pogge), University of Minnesota (PI Evan Skillman) and Gonzaga University (PI Erik Aver).

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