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Director, Science Board Faculty

John Beacom
College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Henry L. Cox Professor of Physics and Astronomy, and Director of CCAPP (2011–present)
M2004 Physics Research Building

Science Board Faculty

Professor of Astronomy, Ohio Eminent Scholar in Observational Cosmology
4045 McPherson Lab
Laura Lopez
Associate Professor of Astronomy
4041 McPherson Lab
Professor of Astronomy and Physics
4019 McPherson Lab

Other Active Faculty

Michael Stamatikos
Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Ohio State Newark; Chief Science Officer, The Works; Founding Director, SciDome, Ohio State Newark and The Works
OSU Newark Founders Hall, Rooms 2010-2011
Kris Stanek
Professor of Astronomy
4003 McPherson Lab

Postdoctoral Researchers

Subhash Bose
CCAPP Fellow (2019-)
4004 McPherson Lab
David Martin
Sagan Fellow (2021-), CCAPP Affiliate Fellow (2021-)
4061 McPherson Lab
Sumit Sarbadhicary
CCAPP Fellow (2021-)
M2024 Physics Research Building
Takahiro Sudoh (Sudo)
CCAPP Fellow (2021-), JSPS Fellow (2021-)
M2018 Physics Research Building

Graduate Students

Graduate Research Assistant
4006 McPherson Lab
Graduate Research Assistant
M2025 Physics Research Building
Tharindu Jayasinghe Arachchilage
Presidential Graduate Fellow
4029 McPherson Lab
Jack Neustadt
Graduate Research Fellow
4020 McPherson Lab
Rachel Patton
Graduate Research Assistant
4031 McPherson Lab
David Pochik
Graduate Teaching Assistant
3031 Physics Research Building
Tejas Prasanna
Graduate Research Assistant
3030 Physics Reseach Building
Dominick Rowan
Graduate Research Assistant
4011 McPherson Lab
Patrick Vallely
NSF Graduate Research Fellow
4029 McPherson Lab