Radio Simulations for Neutrino and Cosmic Ray Detectors

  • Wednesday February 22nd through Friday February 24th, 2012
  • Organizing by Amy Connolly
    With air shower advisement by Tim Huege (KIT)

  • The Center for Cosmology and Astro-Particle Physics (CCAPP) at The Ohio State University (OSU) is holding a workshop on "Radio Simulations for Neutrino and Cosmic Ray Detectors" in Columbus, Ohio on February 22-24, 2012.

  • The focus of the workshop will simulations of both Radio Cerenkov and Geosynchotron emission for UHE cosmic ray and neutrino detectors. There will be talks by experts on the relevant experiments and their most important simulation issues with a large portion of the time devoted to groups working together to make direct comparison of their results and converge on strategies.

  • We will set up a video link for people who will not be able to travel but would still like to participate.

Please complete prior to workshop

  • It is important for the success of the workshop that participants who run their own radio simulation programs to bring simulation outputs for the agreed upon simulation inputs as laid out at the links below. There is a set of inputs for the Askaryan effect from neutrinos in South Pole ice and another for the Geosynchotron effect from cosmic rays. The Askaryan spreadsheet (HandCalc.xls) has a few minor fixes and clarifications from before.

    I encourage people to send me your spreadsheets for Askaryan or spectra for Geosynchotron (as a text file with one column being frequency and another 2 columns being (complex) signal strength, and/or one column being time and another signal strength for the different scenarios). That way we can have the comparisons already put side by side so that we can use our time more efficiently.

    For more information on the workshop or questions please contact Amy Connolly, connolly(at)
  • There were 31 participants.