Mini-Workshop: "Novel Searches for Dark Matter with Neutrino Telescopes"

  • Monday November 17th to Wednesday November 19th, 2008
  • The Center for Cosmology and Astro-Particle Physics (CCAPP) at The Ohio State University (OSU) is holding a Mini-workshop on "Novel Searches for Dark Matter with Neutrino Telescopes" in Columbus, Ohio on November 17-18, 2008. A third day (November 19th, 2008) will be dedicated to simulations and reserved for a DarkSUSY tutorial (by J. Edsjö). Participation is by invitation only and is sponsored by CCAPP. This meeting will bring together experts from experimental and theoretical particle astrophysics (with a focus on Neutrino Telescopes) in order to explore prospects for detection of dark matter annihilation signals in the Milky Way. The workshop will provide an updated look at the neutrino detection capabilities of IceCube (including Deep Core) and at recent theoretical developments. It aims to generate new ideas for how to best exploit dark matter signals.

Principal topics:

1. Dark Matter searches with Earth and Solar WIMPs

2. General signals from Halo Dark Matter

3. Specifics of the Milky Way neutrino signals

4. Detection capabilities for these signals

5. New ideas


  • Please  contact one of the following with any workshop questions.
  • John Beacom by email
  • Carsten Rott by email
  • Yavonne McGarry by email or phone at 614-292-0792


There were 24 participants