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Price Place

The exchange of ideas is an essential component of CCAPP, and Price Place is a space among the center’s offices where faculty, postdocs and students gather regularly to engage in just that.

Thanks to support from generous donors Stephen Price and Jill Levy, the space is outfitted for presentations and comfort to an equal degree, with a kitchenette and soft furniture as well as LCD and projection screens.

Weekly cosmology and astroparticle lunches are held in Price Place where new discoveries at CCAPP and elsewhere are discussed. Conversation at the informal get-togethers can range from vast concepts to experimental minutiae, with participants jumping up spontaneously at times to diagram a point on the room’s chalkboard.

On any day of the week scientists and students can be found using Price Place as a pleasant space to meet with visitors, convene casually and debate the topics of the day, and engage in other collegial activities that make CCAPP rich with innovation.

Gary Steigman Memorial Library

Established in 2019, CCAPP's Gary Steigman Memorial Library was created to honor our late colleague and friend.  These books are available for all CCAPP researchers to use.  We thank Gary's family for the initial donation from his personal library, and we thank Gary's friends for subsequent donations.  More information about Gary Steigman's legacy can be found at u.osu.edu/memoriam.