Linda Carpenter

Linda Carpenter

Linda Carpenter

Associate Professor of Physics

(614) 292-1843

M2054 Physics Research Building

Areas of Expertise

  • High-energy theory
  • Dark matter


  • Ph.D. Physics, Johns Hopkins University, 2006
  • B.S. Physics, University of Southern California, 2001

My research focuses on particle physics beyond the Standard Model.  My aim is to study the fundamental structure of natural phenomena at the weak scale.  I am attempting to answer questions about properties of the Higgs boson, including developing new methods to measure its couplings and interactions using the current and future generations of particle colliders, and attempting to solve the mystery of why, despite theoretical indications, its mass is so light.  I am also interested in models and phenomenology of possible particles which may exist outside of the Standard Model of particle physics.  Among this subset, much of my wok focuses on probing the nature of Dark Matter, the mysterious substance that makes up a quarter of the mass of the universe.  I am currently involved in developing search strategies to discover Dark Matter produced at the Large Hadron Collider, and I am developing search strategies for Dark Matter models using space based satellites.  I also study the phenomenology of other extensions of the Standard Model including supersymmetric particles, axions, extra generation of fermions, and extended Higgs sectors.

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