Astronomers Win Top Prizes from American Astronomical Society

January 5, 2016
Laura Lopez

Laura Lopez, assistant professor, astronomy, will receive the 2016 Annie Jump Cannon Award for outstanding research by early-career female astronomers (an astronomer within five years of receiving her PhD) for her contributions to understanding detailed astrophysics in the birth-to-death cycle of stars in our galaxy.
More about the Annie Jump Cannon Award.

Andrew Gould, astronomy professor emeritus, Distinguished Professor of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, was awarded the 2016 Beatrice Tinsley Prize, given every other year for "an outstanding research contribution to astronomy or astrophysics, of an exceptionally creative or innovative character." Gould is recognized for his development of gravitational microlensing, a critical tool for exoplanet discovery and characterization.
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Big congratulations to both of them!