ASCENT - Neutrino Hunters

November 9, 2018

ASCENT - Neutrino Hunters

IceCube Sensor Antarctica

What could be more daunting than searching for an invisible particle — one so elusive that physicists had no evidence of its existence until 1956? This is just the kind of challenge that Ohio State astrophysicists Jim Beatty and Amy Connolly find irresistible.

Today, neutrino hunters rely on detectors located in Antarctica — the coldest, most remote place on Earth and the optimal site for tracking neutrinos.

The neutrinos that Connolly and her team are looking for come from greater distances and are of much higher energy than any extraterrestrial neutrinos seen before. They come from the very particle collisions that created this universe and everything in it, and they hold great promise for understanding our place in it.

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