Adam Leroy Wins Humboldt Research Award

January 5, 2022

Adam Leroy Wins Humboldt Research Award

Portrait of Alexander von Humboldt

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has awarded the Humboldt Research Award to Adam Leroy, an associate professor in the Department of Astronomy who uses multi-wavelength observations to examine the interstellar medium — or the region of space between stars that contains gases and particles — star formation, and the formation and evolution of galaxies. This honor is granted to internationally leading researchers of all disciplines in recognition of their academic record to date.

Leroy is co-leader of PHANGS-ALMA, a project consisting of an international research team that uses the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array radio telescope network in Chile. Recently, Leroy and his colleagues conducted the first systematic survey of “stellar nurseries” across our part of the universe, charting the more than 100,000 of these nurseries across nearly 100 galaxies and to shed light into the origins of stars.

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