2022 Price Prize Winners Announced

August 3, 2022

2022 Price Prize Winners Announced

Price Prize 2022

CCAPP is proud to announce Cyndia Yu (Stanford) and Maddie Lucey (UT Austin) as the winners of the 2022 Price Prize in Cosmology and Astrophysics!                  

Cyndia works on novel instrumentation and analysis for cosmic microwave background (CMB)surveys. She is involved with the BICEP/Keck, Simons Observatory, and CMB-S4 experiments making ever more sensitive measurements of the CMB to probe a wide range of cosmological questions.

Maddie's research focuses on the Milky Way and how the chemodynamical properties of its stellar populations can inform theories of galaxy formation and chemical evolution. She specializes in the inner Galaxy and metal-poor, ancient stars with the aim of constraining properties of the early Universe.


About the Prize

The Dr. Pliny A. and Margaret H. Price Prize recognizes research excellence and exceptional promise in areas related to CCAPP initiatives. Two recipients are selected annually by the CCAPP Science Board based on a review of their research in the areas of cosmology and astroparticle physics. CCAPP hosts Prize recipients for a week during which they give a Price Prize seminar on their research, establish long-term collaborative relationships, and receive a $2,000 honorarium.

Together, Steve Price and his wife Jill Levy created and endowed the Dr. Pliny A. and Margaret H. Price Prize, with generous gifts in honor of Steve's parents beginning in 2009.

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