Cosmic Voids in the Next Generation of Galaxy Surveys

What's the biggest thing in the universe?
Zoom way out past the Earth, the solar system, and our Milky Way
galaxy. Keep going. If you zoom out far enough, you'll find something truly enormous: the cosmic web.
It's so big that it's made of galaxies the same way your body is made of cells. In the cosmic web we find dense clumps, long thin ropes, broad walls, and vast regions of pure emptiness, called voids.
As a part of the continuing partnership between COSI and OSU's Center for Cosmology and AstroParticle Physics, you'll meet with astrophysicists from around the world to learn about the cosmic web: what it's made of, how it grew over billions of years, where the Milky Way sits inside it, what life is like inside the voids, and how we're building the next generation of telescopes to zoom out even further!
Join us on Tuesday, August 19th from 3-5pm in COSI's Atrium to learn more!
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