Girls Reaching to Achieve in Sports & Physics

The GRASP Summer Camp is a week long science camp designed for middle school girls entering grades 6th through 9th. The camp is hosted by The Ohio State University Department of Physics Undergraduate Studies Office and includes involvement of the physics faculty, staff and students who provide daily hands-on interactive physics demonstrations in a sports centered environment. Demonstrations are followed by a physical activity to drive home concepts of how physics relates to our everyday. The participants will experiment with and observe laws that govern sports such as badminton, ice skating, swimming, bicycling, and basketball. (Why does a skater spin faster when her arms are pulled in?)

In addition to the daily demonstrations and activity, the girls work on a week long project which involves building and programming a robot and attend a demonstration show at the Arne Slettebak Planetarium

Ohio State researchers and staff hope to share their love of physics and inspire middle school girls to pursue a career in the physical sciences or engineering.

More Information about GRASP and How to Apply