2018 Radio Array Workshop

September 6, 2018

For decades, the field of neutrino astronomy using the radio technique, has been split between many camps, and among those deploying radio arrays in the ice, there have been two main camps, the Askaryan Radio Array (ARA) at the South Pole and ARIANNA at Moore's Bay closer to the Antarctic coast. Both of these two experiments have been in a prototyping phase for the past ten years, and NSF has made it clear that we need to combine forces in order for a significant expansion of the arrays to have any chance of success.

This workshop, hosted by Amy Connolly, from September 10th to the 15th, will allow for collaboration about what a proposed array would look like. The first few days, simulators and analyzers will work together to test designs against the science goals that Amy led the group to agree on. They plan to draw on the genetic algorithms that were developed as part of the GENETIS group that CCAPP supported through a workshop this year. Friday and Saturday will be more PI-focused days where participants will review science goals, air ideas on the horizon, and present one or two designs.