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The Lyman-alpha Emitter Workshop
Scientific Program

Program Schedule

Workshop will take place in the OSU Physics Research Building (PRB)
Room 4138
191 W. Woodruff Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43210

A person was assigned to coordinate the discussion in each session (and we assume that you accept the assignment). The discussion in each session is not limited to the topics listed below.

**Talk presentations are now linked to the titles below.

Monday April 26, 2010
Time Speaker Activity Discussion Topic
8:30- 8:50   Coffee/Breakfast  
8:50- 9:00 Haojing Yan Opening Remarks  
9:00- 9:40 Eric Gawiser LAEs: Their Place in the High-redshift Zoo and Present-day Descendants  
9:40- 10:20 James Rhoads Observational Prospects for z >5.7 LAEs and Reionization Tests  
10:20-11:10   AstroCoffee (McPherson - Astronomy Dept)  
11:10-11:50 Masami Ouchi Lya Emitters at High Redshifts: View from Subaru  
11:50-12:30 (Eric Gawiser) Discussion Session I definition of LAEs, LAE survey design, selection effect of LAEs, connections to LBGs, ...
12:30- 1:30   Lunch  
1:30- 2:10 Alice Shapley The Relationship between Lya Emission and Stellar Populations in Star-forming Galaxies at z~3  
2:10- 2:50 Zheng Zheng Radiative Transfer Modeling of Lya Emitters  
2:50- 3:30 Mark Dijkstra Outflows and the Detectability of Lya Emission from High-Redshift Galaxies  
3:30- 4:00   Coffee  
4:00- 4:40 (Zheng Zheng) Discussion Session II LAE models, model tests with observational data, polarization, ...


Tuesday April 27, 2010
Time Speaker Activity Discussion Topic
8:30- 9:00   Coffee/Breakfast  
9:00- 9:40 Haojing Yan Magellan High-z LAE Survey  
9:40- 10:20 Esther Hu z=6.5 LAEs: do they differ from those at lower redshift?  
10:20-11:10   AstroCoffee (McPherson - Astronomy Dept)  
11:10-11:50 Matt McQuinn Observing Reionization with LAEs, LAEs and 21cm Surveys  
11:50-12:30 (Masami Ouchi) Discussion Session III evolution of LAE properties (LFs, EWs, line shapes, ...), clustering, reionization constraints, ...
12:30- 1:30   Lunch  
1:30- 2:10 Renyue Cen LAEs and Dark Energy / Reionization  
2:10- 2:50 (Alice Shapley) Discussion Session IV stellar population, top-heavy IMF, role of dust, Lya blobs, ...
2:50- 3:20   Coffee  
3:20- 4:00 (Esther Hu & James Rhoads) Final Discussion / Summary how we can make progress on different issues

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