Computing in High-Energy AstroParticle Research (CHEAPR2016)


Computing in High-Energy AstroParticle Research (CHEAPR2016)

  • Wednesday August 24 through Friday August 26, 2016
  • Organizing by Jordan Hanson, Kai Staats, Carl Pfendner

  • The Center for Cosmology and AstroParticle Physics (CCAPP) at The Ohio State University (OSU) is hosting the CHEAPR 2016 workshop in Columbus, Ohio.

  • This workshop is centered on sharing knowledge between individuals with a range of experiences in high-performance computing (HPC), analytics, and data analysis, with a specific focus on hands-on practice in data feature selection and genetic programming.

  • The workshop will include tutorials, lectures, and example code packages meant to educate users on evolutionary algorithms, feature set extraction and selection, and parallel processing in multi-core environments. There will also be an introduction to the Ohio Supercomputing Center (OSC) and XSEDE resources.

  • CHEAPR2016 is not just another conference, but a hands-on learning experience! We hope for your active participation in solving data analysis problems.

    In the mornings, we will enjoy interactive demonstrations of applied evolutionary algorithms, realworld machine learning problems solved, or in the process of being solved.

    In the afternoons, participants will give a 20 minute presentation, with room for 10 minutes of discussion. We hope that instead of just bring your usual slides, you will tell us what you do NOT know about your data. Where you see opportunity for an evolutionary algorithms to help you better understand the function of your instrument, or classification of triggered events? Share a summary of your work to date, present the current challenges, and then open it to the floor.

    In a round-table fashion, we will dive into YOUR data, and as a group, attempt to help you understand how to prepare features for machine learning and prepare your data for machine learning algorithms.

    Bring data! Bring problems! We will have scripts which will help sort and normalise your data, and ready-to-run evolutionary algorithms.

    For more information on the workshop or questions please contact Jordan Hanson (


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